Your risk program doesn’t stop when a claim occurs. RPA is with you through the entire process to help ensure that your members are taken care of and their claims are resolved.

Policy Guidance

Whether you need new guidelines or just want to refresh your program, our team reviews policies such as settlement authority and litigation management for potential updates, adjustments and compliance needs.

Resource Management

Whether contracted or in-house, RPA secures qualified and responsive professionals to help ensure that claims are handled appropriately and efficiently. We also report and analyze claims data by member, claimant, financial metrics and more to help you optimize financial performance.

Performance Monitoring

The RPA team holds your claims administrator accountable for executing duties in compliance with the contractual scope, as well as program processes, procedures and customer service standards. Our staff stays up to date on industry practices and can ensure that an independent claims audit is conducted at regular intervals.

Resolution Support

We understand your members are at the center of everything you do, so we ensure that each case is handled with care. No matter how unique or difficult the claim, we’ll work to facilitate a resolution and benchmark trends for potential improvements along the way.

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