Pool Orientation via Key Performance Indicators

September 23, 2022 Michelle Carter
Pool Orientation via Key Performance Indicators

These KPIs can help board members and staff understand key areas of pool performance.

From staff to top pool executives to longtime board members, a generation of pooling talent is moving on. In many instances, novices are filling their shoes. New board members in particular may have had limited exposure to pooling, risk management and financial statements. Yet they've become responsible for setting and monitoring the strategic and financial direction of a pool.

These members will need an orientation to key areas of pool performance. This orientation can be achieved in part through training and education, developmental assignments, dissemination of archival materials to board members, etc. But use of a key performance indicator (KPI) system can help quickly orient new board members to some of the things that really matter to the pool — and should matter to them as part of pool leadership.

This white paper discusses specific indicators by functional area (governance, membership, finance, etc.). We chose these measures because of their broad utility and applicability, and because they're likely to be understood by even a brand-new board member still learning the ropes. However, if you use any of these suggested metrics, be sure to consider factors unique to your pool (e.g., regulatory environment, whether your pool provides dividends, etc.) Additionally, please note that this is a "quick and dirty" summation designed to get you thinking about useful KPIs, particularly in the context of new board member orientation. It tends toward the general and is not exhaustive.

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